MEGA File Sharing

"Cloud" storage is useful because it helps us share files with each other and also backs up your files in case you forget or lose your USB stick. We use MEGA  because it is one of the most powerful and safest forms of "cloud storage", however, recently it has been slowing down, so if we can't fix this we might change later.

To use the mega account:
Go to:
Click Login
Enter the username and password (ask your teacher).

There are several folders:
student files is used for saving your blender/audacity/inkscape files after and during each class. Please try to keep it organised. You can also create folders for each week, project or file type. 
SFX is for sound effects. You can look here for useful sound effects or you can add your own. There are also some free programs for creating sound effects in this folder.
Blender Scripts Here you can find code to make blender do cool things.
Blender Models Here you will find 3D models that you can change and then use in your own projects.