Mars: mars7987

Lawrence: lawrence2080

Alan: alan7099

Demo: demo9974

Making websites with Google Sites

We are going to make a simple website with Google sites, like this:
Awesome Alan's Computer Art

Go to sites.google.com

Enter your username:

Lawrence 4054
Mars 4058
Alan: 4055


Enter your password:
password: suntekYYMMDD

Use Photos of your work from the shared USB and the links below:
2019-20: https://photos.app.goo.gl/ZgjGxwGWS74kT5qA8
2018-19 s2: https://photos.app.goo.gl/PBRevea1Ccorq34ZA
All of 2018-19: https://www.computerart.club/p/cac-photos-2018-2019.html
CAC favs: https://photos.app.goo.gl/nTtcKVwEJqAr6F1R2

Final websites:

Python Madlibs and story generators for kids

Part ACrazy text Madlibs in Python with User Input

To start with, we are going to use this website to run Python 3: https://repl.it/languages/python3

We can create variables in Python from user input. Print is used to show text. In Python 3, we put f before a string if it has a variable inside.

Try running the example.

name = input('What is your name? ')
print(f'Hello {name}.')

Activity 1:

Now try asking their favorite color. Create a new variable color, and call for input asking for their favorite color.
Print a response from the computer, such as I like _____ too!

Activity 2:

This is a piece of code to create a poem. Find the bugs and fix them. The color of the words can help you find the mistakes.
We use \n for line breaks. Add the missing line breaks to make it into a 4 line poem.

Poem1 = input('Type a color: ')
poem2 = input('Type a plural noun: ')
poem3 = input('Type a plural noun: ')
poem4 = input(Type an adjective: )

print(f'Roses are {word1},\n {word2} are blue,{word3} are {word4} and so are you.')

Activity 3:

Here is a madlib story. Can you find and fix the mistakes?
word1 = input('Type a noun: ') word2 = input('Type a plural noun: ') word3 = input('Type a place: ') Word4 =input('Type a time of day: ') word5 = input('Type your name: ') word6 == input('Type a number: ') word7 = input('Type a another number: ') word8 = input('Type a plural noun: ') word9 = input 'Type a verb: ' print("\n) print('Giant {Word1} Attacks {word3}') print(f'By: {word5.') print f'The people of {word3} are confused and afraid after a giant {word1} attacked {word3} yesterday {word4}. {word6} people died and {word7} were badly hurt in the attack. People tried throwing {word2} and fighter jets shot {word8} at the giant {word1}, but it was of no use. Police are advising anyone who sees the giant {word1} to {word9}.'

Part B

A Python Story Generator with lists

Let's go one step further and make a story generator that doesn't require user input. We will create lists of words and then pick them randomly.
First let's create a list and print its contents.
words = ["I", "cat", "you", "am", "dinosaur", "alien", "?", "a"]

We can print list items like so:
Print (words[4])

Activity 1:

Paste both lines of code into Python. Which word does it print? Why that word?

Activity 2:

What does the following code print:
print (f'{words[0]} {words[3]} {words[7]} {words[4]}{words[9]}')

Activity 3:

Change the numbers in the code and try to make your own sentence.

Activity 4:

We can also use randomly generated numbers to choose random words. First we need to tell python to get ready to use random numbers.
Start your code with:
from random import randint

And then try running this code:
words = ["me", "cat", "you", "dinosaur", "alien", "fish", "robot"]
print (f'You are a {words[randint(0,6)]}.')

Run the code several times and see if you get the same answer.

Activity 5

Add four more words to each list and change the range of the random numbers:

from random import randint
nouns = ["cat", "princess", ]
adjectives = ["green", "ugly", ]
places = ["the beach", "Suntek", ]

adj1 = adjectives[randint(0,1)]
noun1 = nouns[randint(0,1)]
noun2 = nouns[randint(0,1)]
place1 = places[randint(0,1)]

print (f' Once upon a time there was a {adj1} {noun1} . The {noun1} lived in a {noun2} in the middle of {place1}.')

Activity 6

Now try to create your own game!

from random import randint #wild pokemon wpok = ["Pikachu", "Charmander", "Bulbasaur", "Squirtle", "Mew", "Mewtwo" ] game = "on"
def pokfight(): fightmon = wpok[randint(0,5)] outcome = [ "You caught it!", f"The wild {fightmon} escaped", "The pokemon defeats you. You go to the Pokecenter to heal and then continue your search for Pokemon.", ]
print(f'You have encountered a wild {fightmon}.') q1 = input('Do you want to fight or run? ') if q1 == 'fight': print(outcome[randint(0,2)]) print('Welcome to Pokemon Safari. Try to catch as many pokemon as you can!') print('You walk for a bit and then finally see something.') while game != 'over': pokfight() print('You continue to search for Pokemon.') print(f'The Pokemon kills you.')

拔萝卜 Chinese song midi and music sheet

download midi ba luo bo 拔萝卜

I couldn't find the midi file for ba luo bo (拔萝卜) for my daughter, so I made this midi and music sheet quickly.


Welcome to Suntek Elementary School

The Octagonal Tower 八角塔
The Church 大禮拜堂
The Christmas Tree 聖誕樹
The Bell Tower 埔頂鐘聲
Rugby Field 橄欖球場
Sun-Tek Kindergarden幼兒園
The Stone Plate House 石板屋
The Coffee Shop 尋根園
The Garden 花園
The Girls' School Building
Our School's Song 校歌

Graduation Photos and Videos

Part 1:
Find the best photographs you can of the person sitting beside you.
Part 2:
Choose a day or event (no more than 5 people can do the same day/event).

All photos from this year (use the class password)

Choose between one of the following:
1) make a video with music (free music here: https://incompetech.com/)
2) make a collage (use a website like https://www.befunky.com/create/collage/)

After you are finished, show the teacher and save to his USB. Use your name for the file name.

Free Shape Gradients Made in Inkscape

Shape gradient mask transitions
Here are some shape gradients that I made while working on a transitions for a game. They are creative commons CC BY - which means you can distribute, remix, tweak, and build upon my work, even commercially, as long as you credit computerart.club for the original creation.

If there is a shape gradient that you would like me to create or modify, please let me know.

I will also be posting this on the Renpy forums.

Heart Shaped Gradient - 100 frames

Distorted Star Gradient - 100 frames

Star Gradient 100 Frames

Heart shaped gradient Close
Heart Gradient 30 Frames

Heart shaped gradient close up 2

Heart shaped gradient close up 3
Heart Gradient 30 Frames Large start

Heart shaped gradient transistion mask
Heart Gradient 30 Frames Far

Heart Shaped Gradient Mask Transition

Star Shaped Gradient Mask Transition
Star Gradient 30 Frames

Star Shaped Gradient Mask Transition 2
Star Gradient 30 Frames

Star Gradient 30 Frames Portrait

Heart shaped gradient
Heart Gradient 100 Frames smooth

Star gradient portrait
Distorted Star Gradient 100 Frames

Star Gradient Portrait
Portrait Star Gradient - 100 Frames

Pokemon School Group Poster

 Today we will finish two posters.
To make it easier, some of the work has been done for you.

Click here to download Pokemon pictures
School background photos