3D Titles in blender

In this brief tutorial we will learn how to make simple 3D text in blender, change the font, position your camera and add lighting effects.

Click add - text
click view ->top to see your text from above.

Go to the side menu and click on the F

Here you can change the way the text looks.

You can make it 3D by typing a number into on Geometry ->extrude.

You can change the way the text looks by downloading a new font from one of the following sites:

You DON'T need to install the font to use it in blender.

First unzip it using windows explorer.
Then go into blender
In the font menu on the right side, go to font ->regular ->click on the folder button
Then find the font that you downloaded.

To finish your picture, you can add a plane
Then add a plane to your image by clicking create-> plane
Give the plane a color and put it behind your text

Change the color of your text by clicking on the material tab

position your camera by pressing ctrl + alt + 0

Add lights by clicking add -> light
You can change the brightness and color of your light by clicking on the light tab in the right menu.
You can also add more lights and move them with 'G'.