Graduation Photos and Videos

Part 1:
Find the best photographs you can of the person sitting beside you.
Part 2:
Choose a day or event (no more than 5 people can do the same day/event).

All photos from this year (use the class password)

Choose between one of the following:
1) make a video with music (free music here:
2) make a collage (use a website like

After you are finished, show the teacher and save to his USB. Use your name for the file name.

Free Shape Gradients Made in Inkscape

Shape gradient mask transitions
Here are some shape gradients that I made while working on a transitions for a game. They are creative commons CC BY - which means you can distribute, remix, tweak, and build upon my work, even commercially, as long as you credit for the original creation.

If there is a shape gradient that you would like me to create or modify, please let me know.

I will also be posting this on the Renpy forums.

Heart Shaped Gradient - 100 frames

Distorted Star Gradient - 100 frames

Star Gradient 100 Frames

Heart shaped gradient Close
Heart Gradient 30 Frames

Heart shaped gradient close up 2

Heart shaped gradient close up 3
Heart Gradient 30 Frames Large start

Heart shaped gradient transistion mask
Heart Gradient 30 Frames Far

Heart Shaped Gradient Mask Transition

Star Shaped Gradient Mask Transition
Star Gradient 30 Frames

Star Shaped Gradient Mask Transition 2
Star Gradient 30 Frames

Star Gradient 30 Frames Portrait

Heart shaped gradient
Heart Gradient 100 Frames smooth

Star gradient portrait
Distorted Star Gradient 100 Frames

Star Gradient Portrait
Portrait Star Gradient - 100 Frames

Pokemon School Group Poster

 Today we will finish two posters.
To make it easier, some of the work has been done for you.

Click here to download Pokemon pictures
School background photos

Pokemon Live Action w Green Screen

We will do something like this with our photos and videos: and probably also something like this: Photos from last week's class Here is a previous film:

6 Mei photographs

Use the password given to you in class to access the photographs.

Suntek Elementary Readers Theater video

Here is the 2016 video for Reader's Theater:

Computer Art Club - An Android app made by elementary school students.

The Computer Art Club proudly presents our new Android app:

You play a student in the Computer Art Club during a ten week course as a series of bizarre events begins to unfold. During each class you decide what you will do, your choices will affect your skills and perhaps even the future of the world!

Each student coded and created the images for one week, as far as I know, they were the first elementary school students to code an app with Renpy and possibly even the first elementary school students to make an android app.

Class photographs 2017/2018

Favorites from previous years:
wk 19 3D prints and tinker cad:
Minecraft project:\
wk14 minecraft:
week 3 low poly landscape:
week 4 low poly landscape:
week 5 low poly landascape and racing:
Week 5 low poly landscape renders:
week 6 race track:
week 7: race track:
week 10: Halloween Eyes:
Week 11: inner faces:
Week 12: patterns and snow flakes in Krita:
Week 14: Renpy characters on paper and in inkscape:
All race track photographs:
Week 17 Christmas Coding and Art:
Renpy game pt 1:

Make 6 badges:
Two Computer Art Club Badge
Two Suntek Elementary School Badge
Two Badges of things you made in Computer Art Club

download copyright free fonts from Google
Suntek text - with texture
Suntek text - with color
Suntek with background texture
Suntek Elementary school - full text not just suntek
Suntek Elementary school - three colors
Suntek elementary school - two fonts


Setting up the internet for Children

Here is a great article on setting up a safe google account:

Here is another article about how to set up an email address so that all of the emails that your child receives are sent to you:

Here is an article on blocking all websites except the few that you think are good for your child:

Here are some difficult but powerful ways of using your wifi router to manage your kids internet use:

I will add more here soon. :)

Character development sheet

Here is a simple character development sheet to help you develop your character ideas. More to come in the near future.

Text for OpenToonz Animation

English title

Chinese title

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Teaching OpenToonz in Schools.

OpenToonz is a great way for the students to learn to create high quality work that they can share with their friends and family and have a sense of pride and accomplishment that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

We are very excited to teach our students to use the same software used by animation companies like Studio Ghibli. We may even be the first school in the world to teach OpenToonz.

 Over the next few weeks we will make a short film together. It will be a race against time as the semester is almost over, but I really look forward to seeing the end results! Hopefully we will be able to post some  of the videos on Youtube when we are done!