Setting up the internet for Children

Here is a great article on setting up a safe google account:

Here is another article about how to set up an email address so that all of the emails that your child receives are sent to you:

Here is an article on blocking all websites except the few that you think are good for your child:

Here are some difficult but powerful ways of using your wifi router to manage your kids internet use:

I will add more here soon. :)

Character development sheet

Here is a simple character development sheet to help you develop your character ideas. More to come in the near future.

Text for OpenToonz Animation

English title

Chinese title

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Teaching OpenToonz in Schools.

OpenToonz is a great way for the students to learn to create high quality work that they can share with their friends and family and have a sense of pride and accomplishment that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

We are very excited to teach our students to use the same software used by animation companies like Studio Ghibli. We may even be the first school in the world to teach OpenToonz.

 Over the next few weeks we will make a short film together. It will be a race against time as the semester is almost over, but I really look forward to seeing the end results! Hopefully we will be able to post some  of the videos on Youtube when we are done!

Make a Simple Animation in Open Toonz

Today we are going to make a simple animation using Open Toonz, the same animation software previously used by Studio Ghibli.

Create more poses for your Line stickers

In the last tutorial we learned Inkscape basics and made our first line stickers. This time we are going to continue to make our own sticker set. Choose a pose and try to recreate it using your character. Select a picture from below or from the line sticker store.

Inkscape Basics: Line Stickers

Cony Line StickerToday we are going to learn to make stickers for line using Inkscape. We use Inkscape because with Inkscape we can make pictures that will look good even if we make them extremely big or extremely small. With Inkscape we can make beautiful clean lines even when using a mouse or laptop. This makes it perfect for making line stickers.

Lets remake the Cony sticker and learn to use Inkscape

1. First save the picture of Cony to the left and put it into Inkscape.

2. Click on the circle tool (or press F5) to make the circle for her head.

Basic Music Theory Flashcards

Piano B key
The chromatic scale of C major with audio, notation, keyboard illustrations, solfa syllables (do, re, mi), treble clef notes, bass clef notes, mnemonics and color coding. No copyright issues as I created all the materials included. I will make more or further improve/expand this if anyone finds this useful.

You can download the music theory flashcards for free on Anki. Anki is a free flashcard program that can be use on computers and smartphones.

Get the Music Theory Flashcards
Get Anki

50+ Free Famous Landmark Backgrounds for Green Screen Projects

 On this page you will find free to use images for your green screen projects and photo manipulation projects. There are pictures of famous landmarks from all around the world. Why not take a trip around the world and post it on your facebook! Click here for a guide to using free software to edit your green screen photographs. Please feel free to post a link to your finished picture in the comments below!


Uluru/Ayers Rock. Photo by: Bo-deh~commonswiki
Sydney Opera House Photo by: CyberXRef

Creating Stickers for Line

This article is a work in progress to help one of my students. It will be updated with more information and pictures at a later stage.

First of all, register here:

Read the guidelines before starting:

You are going to need to make a total of 42 images. 40 will be stickers, 1 will be the small button for the stickers (chat room tab image), and the other image is preview image for the sticker store (main image).

Using GIMP to Mask Green Screened Photographs

GIMP is a free alternative to Photoshop. If you download it from the GIMP website, you may decide it is too ugly and too difficult to use. However, you can download "skins" and add ons that make it less ugly. Also, if you want to do some digital painting, you may find Krita better suited for your needs. However, today we are going to be working with green screened photographs, and while this is also possible with Krita, I found that it was quicker and more effective in GIMP. So without further delay!

 Step 1 Open up GIMP and click file open and select your photo.

 Step 2 Click on the 'fuzzy select tool'. Don't use it yet, we need to change the settings.
Step 3 Look for the tool options for the fuzzy select tool. It should be in the bottom right hand corner. Click on the bar that says 'Threshold' and change the number by clicking on it and moving your mouse. I find that 15 is a good number.

Creating Anime Characters in 3D using Blender (A Free Program).

Creating a 3D anime style character takes a long time, but it will help you become a master 3D artist. Here are some tutorials for creating 3D anime style characters using free 3D modeling software. Feel free to post any other tutorials that you know of in the comments below! :)