Creating Anime Characters in 3D using Blender (A Free Program).

Creating a 3D anime style character takes a long time, but it will help you become a master 3D artist. Here are some tutorials for creating 3D anime style characters using free 3D modeling software. Feel free to post any other tutorials that you know of in the comments below! :)

Here is the reference image for the tutorial. You can use this to help you create your 3D model.

Here is another tutorial.

And the reference image that is used in the tutorial:
This tutorial teaches the important step of making your 3D character look like it is a 2D painted image.

There is another tutorial that I found useful. This one is written in Japanese and done in 3DS Max, but there are a lot of pictures and you can see another person's approach. It very similar to the video playlists above and it does not explain all the steps in detail, but the this character is simpler at parts and so you might want to combine the two to make your characters more quickly.