Super Simple 3D Lip Sync With Blender

Today we are going to learn about do super simple and super fast automatic lip sync in blender.

Part 1 make the shape keys.

Open up a file with your character or download the example character.
Make sure you are in object mode.

Click on the character with right click.

Click on the icon with three dots joined by lines.

Go down to shape keys.

Click on the plus button twice. It will create two "Basis" and "key 1". Let's double click on key 1 and call it closed.

With closed selected, go to edit mode.

We want to give him lips and close them. click on the parts that you want to be the lips and then press "e". Hold down shift and right click to select many. If it goes in the wrong direction press "z" to go in the blue direction.

Do the top lip the same way.

Part 2 Make them move to the sound.
Go to object mode.
Now if we click on the shape key it has a value 0, click on this and drag your mouse to move it.
Press "I" when value is on 0.
Add a new panel by dragging the top right hand corner of the panel (by the three lines).
Click on the icon in the corner to change it to "Graph Editor".
Click on the left menu of the "graph editor".
Click on the key and select the bottom one
Click on the 'key' menu in the bottom of the panel.
On the Key menu click on bake sound to F-curves (F curves are animation).
Press N to open the properties menu for the graph editor.
Click add modifier, envelope.
Move the minimum value  to 0 by clicking and dragging.
Move the maximum value until the dotted line reaches the top of the graph.
Press add point.
Test your animation.
If it is wrong you can delete your point and try again. You might need to swap the maximum and minimum values.

Part 3 Add the sound so we can hear it.
Open a new panel or change an open panel to the video sequence editor.
Go to frame 0
Drop your file in.
And your done!